Spring Thoughts

Alleluia, Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, Alleluia. As I write this [...]

Spring Thoughts2018-05-25T09:47:53+01:00

From a Lay Reader

If you accepted at face value what the media says about the Christian [...]

From a Lay Reader2018-04-22T22:36:36+01:00


Christmas is a time of giving. It is a celebration of the most [...]


Moving On

Towards of the end of this magazine period, I will be taking my [...]

Moving On2017-09-11T23:15:02+01:00

Peter and Paul

I am writing this month’s article on our Patronal Festival St. Peter and [...]

Peter and Paul2017-07-02T21:08:28+01:00

By myself

A friend posted an article from the Guardian on Facebook last week, so [...]

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