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6Dec 2019

Finding the Time to Celebrate

‘From the Vicar’  For many of us, Christmas is a time to celebrate. An extended holiday period, with more food and drink than we would consider sensible at any other time of year. There are gifts and decorations. Wonderful community events. Getting together with family and friends. Plenty of church services (I look forward to welcoming many of you!), and some of the most well-known songs to join in with – both traditional and ‘pop’. And jolly good things all these are. In his own words, the coming of Jesus into our world was so that through him we can enjoy “life in all its fullness” (John 10.10). The celebration of his birth is certainly a fine reason for a feast. There are also plenty [...]

14Oct 2019

Remember, remember…

FROM THE VICAR Remember, remember… As November quickly approaches, remembering seems to be what we do. The ‘gunpowder, treason and plot’ of November 5th quickly gives way to a more solemn remembering of the war dead of a century and more on and around November 11th. But there’s more to remembering than simply recalling past events, though that’s certainly a part. When we properly remember something, we recognise that we are part of the same story, and that the events of the past – even those in which none of us were directly involved – can and do impact how we think and act and live today. The thwarted attempt to assassinate the King and Parliament in 1605 stands as a lesson to us, over [...]

24Aug 2019

Making Things New – From the Vicar

It is a great delight to be able to write my first post for the website – and it really is my first, not just here, but anywhere! Being responsible for this column is only the latest in what I know will be a continuing stream of new things that accompany becoming the vicar here. There have, of course, been all the usual things that go with moving house and starting a new job; a new address and telephone number to learn (and to remember to tell everyone who needs it), new travel routines for school and family visits, a whole new pattern of life. I am beginning to get to know communities and people who are all new to me. Vickie and I, together [...]

24Jun 2019

It’s Good News Week!

FROM THE CHURCH WARDENS News is a strange commodity. If you want the world to know you have just completed your first literary masterpiece 'The Sludge Pumper's Guide to All That Smells', you could put posters all round the village, get friends to share it on Facebook and Instagram and in a couple of weeks’ time you might come across someone who has noticed. On the other hand if you placed a one line advertisement in The Canvey Island Gazette announcing that you had managed to book the Rolling Stones for a concert on The Isle of Wight; then you would have no trouble selling a quarter of a million tickets in half an hour. If an item of news is something you have been [...]

9Apr 2019

Our New Vicar

Message from the archdeacon the Ven. Gavin Collins: “Following the interviews held 6 weeks ago, we are delighted to be able to announce this morning that the Revd. David Morgan has been appointed to be our new Vicar.  David is currently Curate at St. Faith’s Church in Havant, and he is married to Vickie, who is also ordained.  The date for David’s licensing will be arranged shortly, but we anticipate that it will be in early summer.  Thank you for your patience in the weeks since the interviews before we have been able to announce this good news, which was due to the Crown Appointments Office’s requirement for fresh DBS clearance to be received before any announcement could be made. Please do pray for David, [...]

20Mar 2019

From The Lay Reader “On a Bit Longer”

I happily said yes to the suggestion by our church wardens that I should write the article for this edition of the Hambledonian thinking that I would be able to tell you that a new priest had been appointed to the joint benefice of Newtown Soberton and Hambledon and provide you with some information about the person. I am pleased to report that interviews have been held and as I understand the situation somebody has been selected and agreed to accept the post! However because the Queen is patron of the benefice she has to be consulted about the appointment and formally make the appointment. Therefore all I can say is that she is being consulted and, hopefully, in the not too distant future we [...]

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